J.H. Huscroft Ltd

In 1927 John Henry Huscroft and his oldest son Elmer started their first sawmill on the Huscroft farm, in the fertile Creston Valley. It was powered by a one-cylinder gas engine. They sawed eight-foot logs into ties for the Great Northern Railroad and hauled them to Porthill ID with a team of horses by wagon or by sleigh in the winter.

An old planer was bought in the 1930's from a small mine that had shut down near by. John Henry was a man of many talents and made shiplap knives out of old car springs for the planner. 

Just before the war started, the portable sawmill moved to Boundary Creek at the Blue Joe Creek turnoff and lx9's and 1x11's were sawed for fruit boxes. During this time an old three-cylinder diesel Caterpillar bulldozer was purchased in which they added a drive pulley on the back to power the mill. When the bulldozer wasn't powering the mill, it was busy building roads.

The portable sawmill was moved to Dodge Creek and in November of 1960 the mill burned down.  The Sawmill was rebuilt and started operating in Erickson, of Creston BC  in June 1961, which is still our current location today. J.H. Huscroft Ltd  has been steadily expanding its operations ever since.  The accomplishments of our sawmill have been because of the dedication of those who have worked for our company over the years.

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