JH Huscroft Ltd

 Edge and Centre Bead, Pattern 116 with Flush End Match in ESLP


 WP4, ESLP, “V” End Match

 1x4 V4E, ESLP with 1/4 inch Tongue

 V4E #2 ESLP




Why buy from our company?

Sustainable Forestry Initiative
J.H.Huscroft Ltd. operates under a Sustainable Forest Management Plan certified to the 2015-2019 SFI Standard. To find out more about SFI please visit www.sfiprogram.org

Consistent low moisture content

All of our boards are dried to 10-12 %. We air dry our lumber for many weeks prior to drying at a low temperature in our kilns. This provides a uniformly dry  and stable product that enables us to put an excellent surface on both S4S and moulded boards.


Excellent surfacing 

Our planer and moulder are operated by certified professional planermen who are skilled and experienced and take pride in producing a great product with an excellent surface.


Species Specific Pattern Stock

Our moulded stock is Lodgepole Pine, Spruce, Hemlock,Douglas Fir and Larch. For specific applications we can guarantee a single species.


On-time delivery of quality products

J.H. Huscroft Ltd. has skilled and dedicated employees who are proud of our reputation for quality, integrity, and on time delivery.   We deliver what we promise



We produce mainly 1” boards in Englemann Spruce/Lodgepole Pine (ESLP) and in Douglas Fir/Larch (DF/L). We also produce 2” dimension lumber in Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) and Douglas Fir/Larch DF/L.

Specialty Products

As a mid sized company we produce many specialty products such as laminating stock, timbers, ties, export sizes, rougher head 7/8" lumber and select fencing with bar coding. In a joint venture with the Lower Kootenay Band we operate a remanufacturing facility which produces moulded and end matched products. "V" end match, flush end match and micobevel end match are available. In addition to the standard patterns illustrated, your individual pattern can be made if you provide us with your profile.

 Specialty Services

Our sawmill and moulder operations are flexible enough that we can manufacture large timbers to minor bundles of 1 x 2.  We do online bar coding,  minor bundles with end caps, and specialty packaging. Speak with our sales manager and they will be pleased to meet your individual needs.                                     



Although our molded wood is dried to 10-12% moisture content, it is important to climatize your product in your own home for 3 weeks prior to installation.

As with any wood material, proper installation is critical to long-lasting performance. Moisture is the source of many problems. As wood gains moisture it swells. As it loses moisture it shrinks. This simple fact is at the root of many installation problems such as expansion, cupping and crowning. Builders can avoid problems through proper installation techniques and by being aware of woods reaction to excessive moisture.

Our friendly staff can help you with any of your installation or finishing questions you may have.



 V4E D.Fir “V” End Matched

 D.Fir Microbevel Flooring

 Pattern 105 ESLP with a Rougher Head Surface

 D. Fir/Larch “V” Edged Decking

 V4E, ESLP No. 3 with "V" End Match


 116/WP4 "V" End Match

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