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Consistent low moisture content

All of our boards are dried to 10-12 %. We air dry our lumber for many weeks prior to drying at a low temperature in our kilns. This provides a uniformly dry  and stable product.

Excellent surfacing

Our planer and moulder are operated by certified professional planermen who are skilled and experienced and take pride in producing a great product with an excellent surface.

Species Specific Pattern Stock

Our moulded stock is Lodgepole Pine, Spruce, Hemlock,Douglas Fir and Larch. For specific applications we can guarantee a single species.

Quality products. On Time.

J.H. Huscroft Ltd. has skilled and dedicated employees who are proud of our reputation for quality, integrity, and on time delivery.   We deliver what we promise

ESLP Eased Edge Boards

1x4 – 1x12
Premium, Heritage, #4, #5, D/btr

Our Species

J.H. Huscroft carries a variety of species below is a quick guide to each of them.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is a beautiful fiber and sought-after due to its superior strength, durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal.  Interior Douglas Fir trees produce a finer, tight grain, with smaller, intergrown knots.

Western Larch

Western larch closely resembles that of Douglas fir in terms of durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal.  Larch is more dense than Douglas Fir and due to its slow growth creates a very tight, uniform grain structure.

Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce

Lodgepole Pine and Engelmann Spruce are  very aesthetically pleasing species and easy to work with.  The lumber takes paint and stains very well. With there similar  appearance’s they are processed together and sold as ESLP.

Western Hemlock

Western Hemlock has a straight uniform grain, fine texture, and small knots.  It can be machined easily and its excellent treatability makes it a preferred species for treated wood applications.